Off We Go

5 Oct

xoxo db2be


Meet Kalen!

2 Oct

How amazing are my bridesmaids?  Are you getting sad that there are only three left to meet?  It’s time to meet my NYC partner in crime, board game companion, Latin-American loving, the fabulous Kalen Winter!

1) How do you know DB-to-Be?

Danielle and I have spent a glorious nine years together growing only closer each year. We have lived it up both at UD  and now the madness that is nyc.  We first fell in love in the Ray Street dorms during an innocent dance party of blue paper towels generously donated by Rachel (who little did i know would later become another one of my best friends as well – thanks rach!). We have been inseparable ever since.  (DB-to-Be NOTE: I could not find this picture for the life of me! I hope to find it soon and will notify everyone immediately!)

Kalen and I ran a 5K at the Bronx Zoo on engagement day last year! She kept everything a secret the whole day.

2) Tell us about the first time you met DB.  

I honestly cannot recall the first time I met DB, but I am sure of one thing – it was love at first sight!

hands off hooker!

3) Name a song you want the band to play.  Name a song you DON’T want the band to play.

I would like to request Spice Girls – Wannabe. And do NOT play that annoying song Take Me Home Tonight – so over it!

4) What is your go-to wedding drink?  What is your favorite wedding food?

My fave wedding drink is my drink of choice on every occasion – beer but only if it’s in a coozie. BUT if I’m feeling crazy I will switch it up to a vodka tonic with lime! Favorite food? They serve food at weddings?!

5) Finish this sentence. Love is________. 

“True love is your soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another.” – Words to live by from Owen Wilson!

We Are Not First Cousins

27 Sep

But if we were, we could get married in NJ.  Who knew??

DB and I took a mini-break from atoning yesterday to head down to Newark City Hall to get our marriage license.  We are New York residents but NY & NJ laws state that you must get the license in the municipality that you are getting married.  So off the Newark we went.

City Hall – It’s actually a really cool old building. Just like The Mezz!

DB and I filled out a few forms, paid $28 and took an oath.  Then we needed our witness to step in.  I brought my mom as back-up, but as we were walking into the building. I tweeted at social-media savvy Newark Mayor Cory Booker:

Within the  minute, Mayor Booker tweeted me back.  My heart stopped, hoping he was on his way downstairs, but alas:

I then proceeded to invite him to the wedding via Twitter.  I’ll let you know if he shows up!

Don’t worry, my mom was an excellent witness.  A few more signatures and questions and we were good to go.  We have to pick it up the week of the wedding.

It’s getting really close now…  xoxo db2be

Showered with Love

21 Sep

This past weekend was my bridal shower.  I was overwhelmed with the creativity, generosity and thought that went into making the shower a wonderful and special day I will never forget.   There are many people to thank for making this a great day including my mom, DB’s mom Karen and sister Lauren (who are incredible party planners), my amazing maid of honor Lo, Jill for opening up her beautiful home, the best bunch of bridesmaids a girl could ask for and of course all of the women who came from as far as Florida and Albany to celebrate.   There are hundreds of pics, but I’ve included a few highlights below.

beautiful invitation! (address edited out)

Table Centerpieces

Delicious Drinks! Sangria brought by Lo, obviously

MHS Friends!

Lots of gifts – thank you so much!

My Mom and cousins

Karen & Friends!!

My favorite Central PA friends 🙂

one of the many desserts

ETSY’s #1 Customer

My throne!

Beautiful Flower Girl and present opener Dylan

The DB-to-Be awkward picture tree – aka “guess my age”

The greatest maids! (minus one – we missed you Kalen!)

Newleywed Game! DB and I know each other too well!

Love the hat


Look who stopped by!

As you can see it was a spectacular shower and a great time was had by all. THANK YOU so much for everything, I’m really one lucky bride-to-be!  And a belated happy birthday to my cousin Melissa – thanks for sharing this day with me.  xoxo db2be

DB’s Bachelor Party

16 Sep

It’s been a week since I returned from my bachelor party in Austin, TX, and not a day has gone by without Danielle asking me to write this blog post. So without further ado, here is a little recap of the trip.

The 10 of us flew into Texas on one of the hottest days ever (peak heat reached well over 100 degrees). After grabbing lunch and hanging around the pool during the day, we ventured out to The Salt Lick BBQ for a dinner feast. The meal was amazing – just $19.95 for all-you-can eat BBQ. And the setting was amazing as well, situated on a ranch about 45 minutes outside of the city.

Look at this meal. You get all of this, as much as you want, for under $20!

Here I am lathering up my meat

A closer look at me and my meat

After going out on Austin’s famed Sixth Street on Friday night, Saturday started with a trip to Guero’s Taco Bar for some breakfast tacos. After that, we walked around part of the city and eventually headed to a bar to watch some college football.

I ultimately decided that I was not suited to don a cowboy hat

One of the highlights at the bar was seeing this ad for Texas’s version of Dial 7.

I wonder if these guys also have a catchy jingle

Finally, it was time to trek from downtown Austin to the football game on the University of Texas campus. We made several notable stops on the way, including the Texas State Capitol building and the school bookstore, where we picked up some burnt orange gear.

Texas State Capitol Building

University of Texas

Here’s a fun thing to bring to a tailgate … a bovine!

DB and the Best Man at the tailgate

Finally, it was time for the game to start. While the game was a total blowout, it was really cool to see the grandeur that is a UT football game.

Hey, it’s the world’s largest Texas state flag!

Just being in a stadium with over 100K spectators was a very cool experience. But the highlight of the game was clearly getting to sing the Texas fight song – “The Eyes of Texas.” Why? Because all the fans take it really seriously, but it’s just a version of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” with creepier words. Honestly, how Big Brother-y are these lyrics?

The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
All the live long day.
The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
You can not get away.
Do not think you can escape them
At night or early in the morn-
The Eyes of Texas are upon you
‘Till Gabriel blows his horn.

Finally, we left the game after the stadium was invaded by bats and locust-like creatures (no kidding).We spent the rest of the night back out on Sixth Street, eventually settling in on a fun dueling piano bar.

Some old teachers dancing on the bar

So that’s it. Thanks to everyone who helped organize the trip, as well as everyone who came. I had a great time!


Meet Mark!

10 Sep
Are you enjoying meeting the bridal party as much as I’m enjoying sharing them with you?  It’s time to meet another groomsmen, Mark!

1. How do you know DB?

I grew up with both Dave and Danielle in Short Hills, but really became very good friends with Dave in college.  While I first met Dave at home, through fellow groomsman Mike Kimmel, we became close in college. In fact, I believe that I significantly swayed Dave to choose Penn over Brown (seriously what were you thinking!!!) when he visited Penn during my freshman year/Dave’s senior year in HS. I’m pretty sure the two cheeseteaks with whiz clinched the deal.

2.  Tell us about the first time you met DB-to-Be. 

I met Danielle many a times at Millburn High School, but really didn’t get to know her well until she visited Dave at Penn.

3.  Name a song you want the band to play.  Name a song you DON’T want the band to play.

In honor of the Penn Basketball team, who I shared season tickets with Dave every season, I would like the band to play “Hey Hey Hey Goodbye”. I don’t want to band to play Ice Ice Baby (please play!).

4.  What is your go-to wedding drink?  What is your favorite wedding food?

Go to wedding drink is obviously a chilled tequila (whatever you have I’ll take!) shot. Best food is definitely during cocktail hour. Love the sushi and meat stations!

5.  Finish this sentence. Love is ________________. 

Love is beating the Patriots twice in 5 years! Go Giants!

Breaking News: You’ve Got Mail

5 Sep

Now that the wedding is less than two months away (!!!!!!), it’s time to actually see who is coming to this thing!  Our invitations have been sent out and we are so thrilled with them.

As you know, The Mezzanine is an old bank and recently underwent a $30M restoration so it looks great, but also like you are stepping into a bank lobby in the 1930’s.  There are so many unique and interesting art deco details about the space that we love.  For example, the bars at the cocktail hour will be the old bank teller windows and there are original works of art on the walls that depict the history of life in New Jersey.  But our most favorite thing is the incredible chandelier that hangs in the middle of the main room.

We love it so much that we decided it to be the inspiration for our invitations. The lovely and talented Lillie M took our inspiration and turned it into a fabulous invitation suite.   Then we found an amazing printer (thanks Erica!) who brought them to life.  If anyone needs a great printer – go see Judy!!

You can get a sneak peek with our witty (yet elegant!) response cards, but we will leave the rest of you in suspense.  This is not the final product, but you get the idea.  We can’t wait to read what you have to say!  Be on the lookout for a follow up post with our favorite replies.

As you can imagine, assembling 100+ invitation suites required a team and here we are hard at work.  Thanks to my mom and Kate for being great helpers and picture takers.

Now go on and check the mailbox.  xoxo db2be