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I’m a Sucker for Creativity

18 Jul

The headline says it all.  I like to think that I am a thoughtful person so I always appreciate when people do that same.

About five weeks ago, we got a notification from Crate and Barrel that someone purchased twelve napkin rings off our registry.  A few weeks go by and no napkin rings arrive. I’m thinking this has to be a mistake.

Anyway, yesterday evening, DB’s sister, LB, delivered our long-anticipated engagement gift.  Surely enough, we found the napkin rings, but it didn’t end there.  LB completed her ring-themed gift with a super-cute ring holder from Urban’s new bridal company BHLDN.

 There was also an assortment of Ring Pops.  Remember those?

Well done, LB!  Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift.  And thanks for being a great FSIL.  You might be trumping us all in excitement.     xo db2be 
PS  Does this mean I’m forgiven from missing your graduation?


Fun with Guns

9 Jun

Scanning guns that is!  DB and I decided to take the plunge and register at a few stores yesterday.  We attended a registry event at Crate & Barrel in SoHo for engaged couples and a little too much fun was had by all.

Tough choices

After going into this event deciding we didn’t really need anything, I think we came up with enough ideas of what married people want.  That means upgrades to our plates, flatware, glasses (since those of you who know me know how we acquired many of them) and of course, more things I can serve cheese on.

We also felt that Bed Bath and Beyond and Pottery Barn would be rational places to register too.  BB&B was mostly for the coupons.  (Do you keep extras in your wallet too?)

So for those of you who have expressed interest, below are links to our registries. We are probably going to register at Best Buy too, so stay tuned.  FYI – The event dates are completely made up, but were a requirement to set up the accounts! I think you would know if we had set a date. 😉  xo db2be

Crate & Barrel

Bed Bath and Beyond

Pottery Barn