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Sports Update: The NFL 2012 Schedule and Our Wedding

18 Apr

A quick update for all you sports fans out there. The NFL 2012 schedule was released yesterday and I quickly flipped to November 4th to see who would be playing the day after the wedding.

The Super Bowl Champion New York Giants will be hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers at 4:15 PM ET that day, just up the road from our wedding venue. This leaves plenty of time for guests to have brunch in Newark and make it to The Meadowlands in time for tailgating and the game.

Fans of the Jets, as well as the Patriots, 49ers and Rams (if there are any Rams fans), will be able to party all day, as their teams have byes that week. Eagles and Saints fans can also rest easy, as their teams play that Monday night.

The next schedule to look out for will be the New Jersey Devils, as they might be playing down the street from us during the wedding. Obviously, I will also keep everyone posted if the mighty Penn Quakers have a game that night.

That’s all for now!



Feeling the Funk

18 Mar
Excited to see the PFA!

Excited to see the PFA!

As previously announced here on DB and DB-to-Be, we are very excited about our wedding band, The Philadelphia Funk Authority.

But there was one slight problem with our band. Despite the fact that we’ve given them a non-refundable deposit, we’ve never actually seen the PFA in person … until last night.

DB-to-Be, my mom and I ventured west out on Route 80 to Stanhope, NJ to see our wedding band play live at the historic Stanhope House, a 220-year-old music venue that has hosted legendary acts like Muddy Waters and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

And the PFA did not disappoint. The St. Patrick’s Day crowd was up dancing all night. Some personal favorite tunes include Michael Jackson’s “Shake Your Body [Down to the Ground]”, Paul Simon’s “Call Me Al” and The Ohio Players’ “Fire.”

To top it all off, the bar had a special where you got to keep a commemorative glass if you ordered a Killian’s. I happily obliged (after all, beers were only $4) and Danielle got to take home a glass without having to steal it.

We had a great time and are now even more excited for our wedding day in November!


The Philadelphia Funk Authority

The Philadelphia Funk Authority

The Stanhope House crowd on the dance floor

The Stanhope House crowd on the dance floor

DB-to-be and Mom

DB-to-Be and Mama Burrick

Stanhope House

Stanhope House

Put on your yarmulke, it’s time for Hanukkah

21 Dec

DB and I celebrated the first night of Hanukkah tonight!  We lit the candles in the kitchen and sang the blessings.  We really do this for eight nights in a row.

While many people I know put presents under the Christmas tree, DB and I have laid out our presents under the coffee table.  It’s a tradition that dates back to when he was younger and it looks cute.

We’ve both been shaking and squeezing every gift trying to figure them out.  I picked up one last night and I thought it kind of felt exactly what I had wrapped a few days earlier.  It turns out that we bought each other the same exact gift…ZUBAZ pants!!  These beauties were all the rage in the early 1990’s and when we go to Giants games we always laughed at the people who wore them.  I can’t believe we bought each other the same gift but it just goes to show you we are slowly becoming the same person!  Now enjoy our ZUBAZ photoshoot.

Blue 42...HIKE!

db2be with the touchdown!

Complete coincidence that we have palindrome Giants jerseys!

Happy Hanukkah to all!  Seven more nights of presents to go, although I’m quite certain there won’t be any more duplicates.

xoxo db2be


14 Nov

We have passed 8,000 page views on!  Thanks so much for all of your support and fun comments.  Keep them coming! 

If you would like to get regular updates, feel free to subscribe through email (look down for the link to do so) or “like” us on Facebook.   Or just continue to stalk us daily!  Don’t worry, I don’t know who you are…but please keep reading. 🙂

Celebrations are in order! xoxo db2be

Are you ready for some football?

27 Oct

Two Sundays ago, DB and I went to a NY Giants game with LB and Scott.  It was a beautiful day so we loaded up the Saturn with whatever tailgating supplies we could get and headed off to Giants Metlife Stadium.

Our tailgate was splendid.  We made eggs and hash browns on the grill, enjoyed some bagels, beer and bloody marys, and enjoyed the parking lot brunch.

how many boys does it take to set up a grill?


As you can imagine, tailgates are quite friendly.  Our neighboring car let us use their cornhole set.  Once they saw we were not quite skilled at the bags, they challenged us to a few games.  We lost.

The highlight of the tailgate was by far a mitzvah, when LB and I visited the traveling Sukkah the Hasidic Jews were showing off (via bicycle) around the parking lot.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, you can read up here.  This was definitely the reason the Giants won, fyi.

Look what we found!

I braved the Sukkah and went first

this really happened!

Overall it was a wonderful day!  Thanks for giving up a game for us Daddy!  This concludes my interest in football for the season.  xoxo db2be


25 Oct

Below are a few pics of all of the fun stations from the Brides White Hot Style Shop I attended last week!  I had to work, but I took a quick photo shoot before the Saturday crowds arrived.  It was great to get some inspiration and the free manicure wasn’t too bad either.  xoxo db2be

So many beautiful dresses

this cake doesn't even look edible

amazing flowers, but only roses!

free hair, make up and manicures

some registry inspiration

Ships Ahoy

12 Oct

Danielle and I had quite the exciting journey on Sunday afternoon, as we had an impromptu tour of the USCGC Elm – the flagship ship of the Coast Guard’s Fifth District (stolen directly from the ship’s Wikipedia page).

Here we are in from of "Black Thunder," which I just learned is the boat's kick-ass nickname

Our trip started Sunday afternoon after the Giants had a disappointing loss to the Seattle Seahawks, a team that is so bad that their fans get most excited by the raising of a flag.

We decided to take a walk along the East River to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. Danielle had run along the river earlier in the day and had noticed a cool ship that was docked there, so we went to investigate.

When we arrived at “Black Thunder” (again, thanks Wikipedia) we met two gentlemen in uniform who were dutifully protecting our coast. We asked them about the ship and then Danielle asked if we could get a tour. To our surprise, they said yes!

Wondering how your tax dollars are being spent? Here are some notable things we saw on the tour:

  • They had a cool patio on the back of the boat that had a nice BBQ and a small TV with DirecTV, where most of the officers were watching NFL games.
  • The officers had an even nicer lounge inside the boat with a giant TV, leather sofas and PlayStation.
  • There were lots of cool gadgets on the bridge. In a shocker, the boat does not have a pirate ship style giant wooden steering wheel. Instead, they have a joystick that powers the board.
  • There were lots giant buoys on the ship. We learned that The Elm goes up and down the East Coast picking old buoys out of the water with a giant crane and replacing them with new buoys.
Here are some more pictures from the tour:

Danielle got to sit in the captain's seat on the bridge

Danielle with our tour guide, Ian Phillips DeZalia

The Elm in action