You Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee

1 Nov

Hey everyone with Internet, guess what? We’re alive!

And not only that, not even Hurricane Sandy can stop the historic wedding of db and db-to-be. Miraculously, our wedding venue is in tact and with full power. Busses and cars are now running from NYC to Newark, meaning that the event will go on. It is simply a miracle.

Now this doesn’t mean that life has been good for the past week. In fact, it has sucked. We lost power and water in our apartment on Monday night and still haven’t gotten it back. This means that we’ve been refugees in our own city all week. What have we been doing? I am glad you asked …


We started the night with leftovers of a delicious meal of Spicy Stewed Beef with Creamy Cheddar Grits that Danielle prepared the night before.  Power went out at around 8:45 PM. After we lost power, Danielle and I played Boggle by candlelight and drank. This was fun for about an hour, but we obviously would have preferred our weekly Monday tradition of watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Then we went to sleep, hoping that all would be okay in the morning.


All was not okay. We had no power or water. Luckily, we had a few lifelines to the outside world – Twitter on our phones and an FM radio on Danielle’s iPod. It became clear that there was absolute devastation in our area and that we would be affected for quite some time. So we packed some bags full of clothes, food and chargers and decided to head north, where we heard there was power.

The Great Northern Migration, as I have now called it, was really bizarre. There were tons of New Yorkers with bags and suitcases walking uptown in search of power and shelter. Anyone in NYC this week will tell you that the signature visual of this storm is people sitting around in drug stores and banks just charging their phones and computers.

Our first stop was the Marriott in midtown, where we met up with my friend Drugs (aka Andy) and his sister Alanna. Our pack of now 4 refugees played a rousing game of salad bowl (a favorite of Danielle’s friends).

After that we ventured to lunch at Wolfgang’s. Was it pricey? Yes. Was it amazing? Yes. Was it open? Yes! The big highlight of the meal, however, was that we got to witness what we’re pretty sure were two high-class prostitutes being wined and dined by a couple of patrons.

In the afternoon, Danielle and I were fortunate enough to find a hotel. It had no Internet (I know, the horror), but it did have power, heat and water, which was a huge step up. We ended the night with a dinner with Drugs, Alanna and Kalen at a place called Connolly’s, which was actually pretty good.

Oh, and we got the highlight of the night, a text message from my sister, Lauren, that said that Newark had gotten much of its power back. It seemed that the wedding might be on after all!


On Wednesday AM, we started to hear from our venue and various vendors that they were okay – another encouraging sign that the wedding was indeed on.

Generously, my parents came in to help do some final emergency wedding planning. Danielle, my mother and I ventured up the 30 flights of stairs to our apartment, where we cleaned out our fridge and gathered all the items for our wedding. We then schlepped all the items down the 30 flights of stairs.

In the afternoon, we did some more tidying up of these last-minute wedding plans – coordinating transportation for our guests, checking in with vendors and letting everyone know that the wedding was still on.

How did we celebrate the night of Halloween? At the Guy Fieri’s new restaurant in Time Square. You’ll remember from before that Danielle and I LOVE Guy’s TV show – affectionately known as “Triple D.” Yet despite our love for Guy’s show, Danielle was not excited to go to this culinary Mecca. Luckily, Kalen, Drugs, Alanna, Jeff Shafer and I made up for Danielle’s lack of excitement.

We scarfed down on Awesome Chicken Fingers, Huli Huli Chicken and Funkin’ Pumpkin Beer (these are all real menu items). Guess what? It was terrible. The food was anything but “out of bounds.”

We all returned safely to our homes to hopefully rid ourselves of this terrible meal.


And that brings us to today. Today was the first day all week that I actually cried. This was not because I was afraid that the wedding was going to be cancelled. In fact, the wedding is 100% on. No, I cried because Danielle dragged me to get my eyebrows threaded today.

If you are a man and you don’t know what threading is, basically somebody rubs strings on your face and pulls out your hair. It is terrible. I cried multiple times, which, I will note, I was told is perfectly normal. So when you see me this weekend, please comment on my amazing eyebrows. They look 99% the same, but Danielle seems to think they look amazing.

After another trip up the 30 stories to get some last minute items, Danielle and I took the NJ Transit bus to Newark. We are now here and ready to go for our wedding day!

Thanks again to everyone who has been checking in with us all week and we cannot wait to celebrate on Saturday night. See you all soon!


P.S. The title of this post comes from this great Tom Petty song:


One Response to “You Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee”

  1. Kate November 2, 2012 at 12:36 am #

    This is an amazing entry. You two are strong, and I’m impressed that you can have a sense of humor through it all. Cannot wait to spend the weekend with you…and to see those eye brows:)

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