Meet Mark!

10 Sep
Are you enjoying meeting the bridal party as much as I’m enjoying sharing them with you?  It’s time to meet another groomsmen, Mark!

1. How do you know DB?

I grew up with both Dave and Danielle in Short Hills, but really became very good friends with Dave in college.  While I first met Dave at home, through fellow groomsman Mike Kimmel, we became close in college. In fact, I believe that I significantly swayed Dave to choose Penn over Brown (seriously what were you thinking!!!) when he visited Penn during my freshman year/Dave’s senior year in HS. I’m pretty sure the two cheeseteaks with whiz clinched the deal.

2.  Tell us about the first time you met DB-to-Be. 

I met Danielle many a times at Millburn High School, but really didn’t get to know her well until she visited Dave at Penn.

3.  Name a song you want the band to play.  Name a song you DON’T want the band to play.

In honor of the Penn Basketball team, who I shared season tickets with Dave every season, I would like the band to play “Hey Hey Hey Goodbye”. I don’t want to band to play Ice Ice Baby (please play!).

4.  What is your go-to wedding drink?  What is your favorite wedding food?

Go to wedding drink is obviously a chilled tequila (whatever you have I’ll take!) shot. Best food is definitely during cocktail hour. Love the sushi and meat stations!

5.  Finish this sentence. Love is ________________. 

Love is beating the Patriots twice in 5 years! Go Giants!


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