A Few Things

25 Jul

There are a few things I really enjoy:

1) Puns

2) Unique beers

3) Great PR stunts

4) Exclusivity

Luckily, Boston Beer Company (they make Sam Adams) is bringing all four of these to life on Thursday with the limited-edition launch of Brewlywed Ale to celebrate brides, grooms, couples, those recently engaged and recently married.  It’s too bad we already have The Mezzanine locked in or we could head up to Boston for an impromptu ceremony since a justice of the peace will be available.  They will even foot the bill for your reception if you show up with a valid Massachusettes Marriage License.  DB and I visited the brewery last year and it’s a fun place to spend a few hours, so I imagine they would throw quite the wedding.

The 750mL bottles are $14.99 each and can be purchased in a case of 12.  Only 350 cases of the beer have been brewed.

According to the blog post, Carley Roney, Co-Founder and EIC from The Knot, said brides and grooms today are more daring than they’ve ever been when it comes to giving beer a seat at the wedding table.   DB and I love interesting brews and we hope we can share our favorites with you on our special day.

I’ll drink to that.   L’Chaim!  xoxo db2be


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