Breaking News: We booked our honeymoon!

10 Jul

One of the last steps in the wedding planning process is finally complete. We have booked our honeymoon to … South Africa. While Danielle and I have been to lots of destinations all over the world, this will be the most exotic (and expensive) trip we’ve ever taken together.

After a grueling flight, our first destination will be Cape Town. I will inevitably spend the first day being extremely grumpy and tired from the flight. I will also probably smell. But after our first night’s sleep I will be my ever-chipper self. The sleep will be especially luxurious, as we will be staying at the ritzy Cape Grace Hotel, which was just named the 44th best hotel in the world (as an aside, check out how many of these hotels are in Africa; step it up America!). Other fun things we plan on doing in Cape Town include going to the Cape of Good Hope, climbing table mountain and laying by the beach.

This is our super luxurious hotel in Cape Town

Next, I will be driving (yes, I am extremely nervous about this) to South Africa’s wine country, where Danielle and I will spend a few days at the Franschhoek Country House and Villas. What interests me most about visiting Franschhoek is that it will be the first city I have ever visited with back-to-back “h’s” in its name.

This is the Franschhoek Country House

Our final stop in Africa will be at the Thornybush Game Reserve for a safari. I am super pumped for this and can’t wait to see lions, elephants and giraffes in the wild. I am also excited to see what crazy outfit Danielle schleps to Africa just to wear for these three days.

This is where we’re staying on the safari

Before the safari, this is the closest Danielle and I have gotten to wild animals on a vacation

So that’s it. I am sure Danielle will post pictures on Facebook with an album named after a Toto song or something like that when we get back. So stay tuned for all that!


One Response to “Breaking News: We booked our honeymoon!”

  1. kgb July 11, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    most hilarious post on db and db-to-be so far, besides mine of course.

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