Meet Andy!!

2 Jul

Wouldn’t you like to know this guy?

1) How do you know DB ?

I met DB at The Daily Pennsylvanian, our school newspaper.  He joined as a writer the year I was an editor.  DB was always handy with stories about musicals, Tannenwald, that he knew Anne Hathaway in high school, musicals, camp, musicals, and occasionally even wrote articles for the paper.  After I crashed a car with him in it, our friendship was basically secured.  Secure enough that he was barely upset by my second accident an hour later on the same drive.

2) Tell us about the first time you met DB-to-Be.

We have a tradition at the DP of writing “roast” articles of our successors.  As Burrick succeeded me as senior sports editor, I was responsible for highlighting his funny quirks for publication.  I know, this was a pretty hard job with a guy as staid as Burrick, right?

But I made do.  I asked DB whether I could speak to his roommates, parents, and, if applicable, lady friend.  He referred me to Danielle.  We spoke on the phone for something like 20-30 minutes before we even knew each other, much of it laughing at Burrick and became fast friends when we actually met soon thereafter.  I have since been told that by referring to Danielle as his “girlfriend” in print was the first time anyone had defined the relationship.  You’re welcome readers.

3) Name a song you want the band to play.  Name a song you DON’T want the band to play.

Baby lock them doors is the answer to both.

4) What is your go-to wedding drink?  What is your favorite wedding food?

I love mini beef wellingtons more than liberty, equality, fraternity, 9 of the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution (do not even consider quartering soldiers in my home), 98% of my facebook friends, and 94% of my actual friends.  I think Burrick likes mini beef wellingtons more than I do; best that you don’t ask him to rank participants in the wedding against them.

5) Finish this sentence. Love is ________________. 

“Love is” the beginning of a sentence that I think was really meant to be completed by bridesmaids.  That said, watching Roy Halladay pitch is pretty magical.

A quick announcement for DB and DB-to-Be readers.  While you read this post about Andy, we wanted to let you know that we all refer to him at Drugs.  This nickname is by no way affiliated with illegal substances, but rather the main character (Drugs Delaney) in Outside Providence, a movie from the late 90’s.  We have trouble remember his name is not actually Drugs, so don’t be alarmed if you hear him referred to in this way.

xoxo db2be


2 Responses to “Meet Andy!!”

  1. jensmooth July 3, 2012 at 11:18 am #

    genius. pure genius


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    […] first stop was the Marriott in midtown, where we met up with my friend Drugs (aka Andy) and his sister Alanna. Our pack of now 4 refugees played a rousing game of salad bowl […]

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