Sports Update: The NFL 2012 Schedule and Our Wedding

18 Apr

A quick update for all you sports fans out there. The NFL 2012 schedule was released yesterday and I quickly flipped to November 4th to see who would be playing the day after the wedding.

The Super Bowl Champion New York Giants will be hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers at 4:15 PM ET that day, just up the road from our wedding venue. This leaves plenty of time for guests to have brunch in Newark and make it to The Meadowlands in time for tailgating and the game.

Fans of the Jets, as well as the Patriots, 49ers and Rams (if there are any Rams fans), will be able to party all day, as their teams have byes that week. Eagles and Saints fans can also rest easy, as their teams play that Monday night.

The next schedule to look out for will be the New Jersey Devils, as they might be playing down the street from us during the wedding. Obviously, I will also keep everyone posted if the mighty Penn Quakers have a game that night.

That’s all for now!



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