Meet Kristina!!

16 Feb

As we mentioned last week, DB and Db-to-Be are unveiling our new blog series, Meet Our People.

Kristina was the first to answer our questions, without further ado…one of the many maids…the first installment of Meet Our People.

Meet Kristina! Also known as KGB.

1) How do you know DB-to-Be?  
DB-to-Be  and I met Freshmen year at UD in the infamous Ray2C. We spent many a night schooling her on the things that she didnt know existed outside of the Millburn bubble.  This list was expansive.  Rabin though has also taught me a great many things.  I am proud to say that I have graduated with honors from the D.R. Negotiating School of Complaining-and-Getting-free-stuff-from-the-man-and-the-powers-that-be-in-the-world. My training included everything from free coups for missing toppings on frozen pizza and free months of cable for bad signals at inopportune times. Where would i be without this invaluable skill? Clearly homeless and with frozen pizza sans toppings. To my mentor, my bubala and my hooker: you’re all grown up with that bubble long behind you but you took the best part with you, DB. WOWEO!

so college.

2) Tell us about the first time you met DB.
I  met DB shortly after I met DB-to-Be as the unrequited love of DR’s high school years in the bubble. We schemed endlessly regarding their inevitable affair and lo and behold here we are 10 years later looking forward to their wedding! I can’t even honestly remember when I actually met DB for the first timebut I do remember endless good times with Mr. Burrick.  Whether it was visiting his apt in Philly where that person got shot (luckily I wasnt there that time) or visions of walking along the streets of Philly looking for random house parties, staying at your apt in NY and waiting for hours for DB to finish in the shower, and best of all scheming with him to surprise DB-to-be in NY for her engagement. DB has always been a hooker favorite and he’s been with us for the long haul.  Couldn’t love him any more!
3) Name a song you want the band to play.  Name a song you DON’T want the band to play.

– TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT – and if they play it I promise to go up on stage and wrestle them for the mic.
– If they play the chicken dance…. i’ll cry.
4) What is your go-to wedding drink?  What is your favorite wedding food?

My classic wedding drink is the good ole G&T. You can never go wrong with a G&T. Its clear so when I inevitably spill it while busting a move on the dance floor, no one will know and I won’t look like a hot mess. Its not beer, so I wont  feel like I have a beer baby in my pretty BM dress. Last but not least, its potent enough so I lose enough inhibition to jump on stage and wrestle the band for the mic when Eddie Money comes on. G&T = perfection.

Notice KGB only mentioned her favorite cocktail...

5) Finish this sentence. Love is…
“Never having to say your sorry” – I had to since Rabin introduced me to that ridiculous movie also freshman year.
No but really, love is an excuse for being the silliest version of yourself and your partner falling in deeper for it.

According to Kristina, love is also arugula on pizza.

The first of many special people to meet!  xoxo db2be


5 Responses to “Meet Kristina!!”

  1. melissa February 16, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    this made me laugh really hard!!!


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