Happy Birthday Danielle!

13 Jan

Happy birthday to db-to-be who turns 28 today!

Below are some photos from previous birthdays we have spent together. Unfortunately, no evidence remains of the time she was asked to leave a bar on her 24th birthday for “unruly behavior.”


2011: We went to a bar in Brooklyn to watch the Seahawks-Saints game. Danielle enjoyed this dirty towel and chanting "USA,USA!"

2010: We went to a German beer garden in Alphabet City. Note: I have no clue who the guy is sitting next to Danielle.

2009: We celebrated Danielle's "Double Bat Mitzvah" with a scrumptious meal at Sammy's Romanian Steakhouse on the Lower East Side. I particularly enjoy this photo of Kate drinking straight out of a bottle of vodka.

2008: As mentioned before, no photographic evidence remains of Danielle's 24th birthday party. The closest photo of Danielle that I could find was this picture of Bernie (center) from Weekend at Bernie's.

Update: Danielle has located some pictures from earlier in the night on her infamous 2008 birthday

Apps at Danielle's old apartment on the Upper West Side (if only she knew what was in store for her later)


Danielle well on her way to getting kicked out of the bar

Also, we have located a pic of Danielle from her 2006 birthday, when she attended the always-fun Daily Pennsylvanian banquet. This was a notable night, as someone was shot outside my apartment when we got home!

2006: Busting a move at the Inn at Penn


One Response to “Happy Birthday Danielle!”

  1. Kate Hollinger January 14, 2012 at 8:19 pm #

    HAHA loved that vodka:) Most creative bday party to date!

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