Breaking News: Someone will be documenting our wedding

1 Dec

You read that right, we have a photographer!  DB and I are so happy to announce that the fabulous Maggie McGill will be our wedding photographer!  We met her a few weeks ago at her sun-drenched studio in Rutherford, NJ (which by the way is the cutest town, who knew?) and had a great time.  At one point during our meeting when Maggie went to get something, DB and I looked at each other and knew it was the perfect fit!

I definitely think you should check out her website and blog, which I have been stalking for quite some time.  In addition to weddings, she also works with families and DB and I cannot stop laughing at this photo session (scroll down to the baby with the birthday cake).

Her photos are amazing and we can’t wait to work with her to capture this amazing moment in our lives.   xoxo db2be


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