Where have all the flowers gone?

1 Nov

Last weekend’s snowstorm might have thrown you off, but we are actually in the midst of Autumn!  My tights are coming out, I’m rocking my new quilted coat and leaves are changing colors.  At least that’s what poeple in suburbia have told me.

While it’s still early to book a florist, I’ve been taking notes of popular flowers this time of year.  There are so many beautiful red and orange flowers I’m blown away and just hope they will fit right in at The Mezz.  According to the Flowers and Plants Association, there are over 70 variety of flowers in season in November.  I realize this organization is based in the UK, but hopefully I can incorporate some of these into our big day.  Some of my favorites include:


These are called Cactus Dahlias

Taken from my blackberry at the Union Square Farmer's Market


Calla Lilies

Red Hot Pokers (how fun are these?)

Photo via BB at an event

We’ll see what’s available next year at this time, but I’m hoping for perfect weather patterns.  I just love fall!  xoxo db2be


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