Are you ready for some football?

27 Oct

Two Sundays ago, DB and I went to a NY Giants game with LB and Scott.  It was a beautiful day so we loaded up the Saturn with whatever tailgating supplies we could get and headed off to Giants Metlife Stadium.

Our tailgate was splendid.  We made eggs and hash browns on the grill, enjoyed some bagels, beer and bloody marys, and enjoyed the parking lot brunch.

how many boys does it take to set up a grill?


As you can imagine, tailgates are quite friendly.  Our neighboring car let us use their cornhole set.  Once they saw we were not quite skilled at the bags, they challenged us to a few games.  We lost.

The highlight of the tailgate was by far a mitzvah, when LB and I visited the traveling Sukkah the Hasidic Jews were showing off (via bicycle) around the parking lot.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, you can read up here.  This was definitely the reason the Giants won, fyi.

Look what we found!

I braved the Sukkah and went first

this really happened!

Overall it was a wonderful day!  Thanks for giving up a game for us Daddy!  This concludes my interest in football for the season.  xoxo db2be


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