Ships Ahoy

12 Oct

Danielle and I had quite the exciting journey on Sunday afternoon, as we had an impromptu tour of the USCGC Elm – the flagship ship of the Coast Guard’s Fifth District (stolen directly from the ship’s Wikipedia page).

Here we are in from of "Black Thunder," which I just learned is the boat's kick-ass nickname

Our trip started Sunday afternoon after the Giants had a disappointing loss to the Seattle Seahawks, a team that is so bad that their fans get most excited by the raising of a flag.

We decided to take a walk along the East River to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. Danielle had run along the river earlier in the day and had noticed a cool ship that was docked there, so we went to investigate.

When we arrived at “Black Thunder” (again, thanks Wikipedia) we met two gentlemen in uniform who were dutifully protecting our coast. We asked them about the ship and then Danielle asked if we could get a tour. To our surprise, they said yes!

Wondering how your tax dollars are being spent? Here are some notable things we saw on the tour:

  • They had a cool patio on the back of the boat that had a nice BBQ and a small TV with DirecTV, where most of the officers were watching NFL games.
  • The officers had an even nicer lounge inside the boat with a giant TV, leather sofas and PlayStation.
  • There were lots of cool gadgets on the bridge. In a shocker, the boat does not have a pirate ship style giant wooden steering wheel. Instead, they have a joystick that powers the board.
  • There were lots giant buoys on the ship. We learned that The Elm goes up and down the East Coast picking old buoys out of the water with a giant crane and replacing them with new buoys.
Here are some more pictures from the tour:

Danielle got to sit in the captain's seat on the bridge

Danielle with our tour guide, Ian Phillips DeZalia

The Elm in action


One Response to “Ships Ahoy”

  1. Henry Rabin October 12, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

    Enjoyed the tour of boys and their toys and your time on deck.

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