WOW: Wedding of the Week

4 Oct

Hi friends.  I have to apoligize yet again for getting quiet over here.  DB and I are taking things slow so there hasn’t been anything to report.  If we go dark again, WordPress, please shut us down!

But just because we are not locking in anything right now doesn’t mean that there aren’t dozens of wedding-related things I’m reading every day! And so I bring to you a weekly award for DB and DB-to-Be called WOW, which stands for Wedding of the Week.  I’m going to pick a wedding that is so o-m-g fabulous that I just have to call it out.

The first ever WOW is being awarded to Nashan Photography’s Big Sky Montana wedding, which was posted on my favorite site, Style Me Pretty. Check out those amazing trees and I’m so in love with that bridge.  Definitely not a setting we could ever find in New Jersey.

I have to say that I am completely fine with everything being indoors on our wedding day.  I worry too much as it is, can you imagine if I had to worry about the weather?  The only thing I’m going to worry about now is keeping our blog fans coming back for more.      xoxo dbtobe


One Response to “WOW: Wedding of the Week”

  1. jshafer October 4, 2011 at 5:53 pm #

    Ok, so the trees and skybridge are out… but nothing says you can’t have the ‘smores!

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