Breaking News: We’ve Got the Funk!

19 Sep

DB and I officially booked our band and we couldn’t be more excited.  In just fourteen months you will be on the dance floor listening to the sounds of our band, Philadelphia Funk Authority.

Not too long ago during a pit stop at a venue visit, I picked up a copy of New Jersey Bride and started reading through the directory in the back.  I saw the name of this band and knew it was going to be the band for us.  After a few email exchanges and dance parties in the apartment to their playlist, it was sealed.

The band will be nine pieces, with three horns, much to my fiance’s delight. They will be playing funk, soul and the classics as well as a killer hora.  Definitely check out their website and be sure to comment with some song suggestions!  In the mean time, here is one of their performance’s at a music festival…they’ve assured us they dress up for weddings.   xo db2be


2 Responses to “Breaking News: We’ve Got the Funk!”

  1. KGB October 3, 2011 at 1:01 pm #

    loving it.

    request: Cruisin’ (but only if i get to sing it with them.. hahaha)


  1. Feeling the Funk « db and db-to-be - March 18, 2012

    […] As previously announced here on DB and DB-to-Be, we are very excited about our wedding band, The Philadelphia Funk Authority. […]

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