Bridal Sale Fail

16 Aug

Most of you who know me know that I am a bargain queen.  I’m always looking for a deal and planning this wedding will be no exception.  In fact, over the next year I’m going to have to work harder than ever!

So when I read about Lord & Taylor’s Bridal Blowout, I knew it was a little early to be dress shopping, but I owed it to myself to check it out.

The sale had its own set of rules, which I’ve included below.  Since I’ve been to my fair share of sample/warehouse sales, these made me even more intrigued.

Bridal Blowout Sale Rules

To ensure that our customers find their dream dress and receive the best shopping experience, Lord & Taylor would like to advise you on our Rules & Regulations for this fabulous shopping event!

  1. Customers and their guests will be brought in to the sale in groups of no more than 30 at a time.
  2. A wristband is required to attend the sale, and can be received during the event hours at the Fifth Ave. entrance. To enter the bridal sale, customers must have a queue number wristband on which will be given upon entry into queue line.
  3. Customers are allowed up to 2 guests max in order to maintain space availability for other customers.
  4. Guests must have a “guest bracelet” on to be allowed entry into the bridal sale. Guests of customers will receive their bracelets upon entry into queue line.
  5. Fitting room is communal.
  6. Customer may bring up to 3 dresses to try on into the fitting room.
  7. You may browse through the dress assortment and try on your picks until you find your dream dress.
  8. This is not a full service appointment. Our regular-priced dresses are  not included in the sale. Please shop & visit our Bridal Shop on the 3rd floor for full-priced dresses.
  9. Lord & Taylor’s Alterations Department is available on the 3rd floor if you wish to seek the perfect fit! Alterations are regular price.
  10. Lord & Taylor reserves the right to limit the duration of your visit.
  11. Customer items that may cause safety issues will be confiscated and returned upon exit.
  12. Lord & Taylor is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.
  13. All sales are FINAL! Quantities are limited.
  14. Bridal sale is excluded from coupons & discounts.
I convinced LB to come with me, but once we walked in the door, we knew this wasn’t going to be the day I say yes to the dress.   There was a sea of dresses that were not only my style, but weighed about 30 pounds.

Sneaking in a workout trying to pick up these dresses

LB and I proceeded to try on the largest ugliest wedding and bridesmaid dresses for kicks.  We certainly figured out why everything was under $400.  But at the end of the day, the silver lining was that a great blog post would come out of our adventure.   xoxo db2be


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