Our Trip to the Pacific Northwest

19 Jul

As many of you know, Danielle and I recently got back from a trip to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where we had a great time. Upon returning home, we received many a request for a recap of the trip on the blog. So without further ado, here is a photo essay of our trip



Day 1: We took an early morning flight from Newark to Seattle. Our first stop was Pike Place Market, which is very much like the South Street Seaport – except for the fact that you’d actually want to go there.

One of the highlights of the market was of course the famous seafood market. This has been made famous by 1) The Real World Seattle and 2) a bump-in from at least 3 commercials during every Seahawks game over the last decade.

Other notable sites that day included…

-The original Starbucks

-The famous Seattle Public Library

-The original Nordstrom (a Danielle favorite)

-And of course, the Space Needle

Lowlight of the day? Clearly this woman, who was absolutely passed out in the art museum.

We capped off the day with a Mariners game, where we had awesome seats.

Highlight of the game was clearly that Sir Mix-a-lot threw out the first pitch!

Day 2: We drove from Seattle to Portland with our friends Brianne and Andrew.

We hiked all around the city, including the famous rose gardens.

Day 3: We headed out to the Oregon wine country – the Williamette Valley. But first we had breakfast at two Portland institutions. The first was Stumptown Coffee, which served its iced coffee in these cool jugs. Unfortunately, it had an odd taste to it.

Next, we waited on line for an hour (I kid you not) at the world famous Voodoo Doughnuts. The donuts were good (check out the bacon donut below) but probably not worth an hour-long wait. The highlight, however, was the awesome “I Got VD in Portland” bumper sticker!

We eventually made it out to the wine country. Highlight of the day? The Domaine Serene winery (below). Lowlight of the day? We went to an olive oil factory and a woman forced us to binge drink oil. This cannot be healthy.

Day 4: It was the Fourth of July and it was time to head back to Seattle. But first, we went to Slappy Cakes, a breakfast place where you make your own pancakes on a Benihana-esque table. This is a great idea. I am 100% certain this would be huge in NYC.

Then we went to Brianne and Andrew’s estate (honestly, they live on an estate) where we barbecued. Check out the view from where they live:

Day 5: We fled the country and headed to Canada (something I proclaimed to Danielle I will 100% do if we ever reinstate a military draft)!

We walked around Vancouver a bit, which was very nice. Here’s a picture of the Olympic cauldron, which brought back great memories of the cauldron breaking during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies (below).

Day 6: We walked around Vancouver again all day. We really enjoyed Granville Island, which is like the South Street Seaport – except good and on an island (though I guess the SSS is technically also on an island, but not it’s own island). Highlight of the day? The amazing Montreal Smoked Meat, egg and cheese on a Montreal bagel. Amazing!

We also had a great visit to the Granville Island Brewing Company, Canada’s oldest microbrewery. They had a raspberry wheat beer, which I couldn’t decide was good or bad. Embarrassing fact: until I just wrote the word “raspberry” I never knew that the word contained the letter “p”.

Day 7: Big day … Danielle has had her struggles with many things in the past, from Internet shopping to how to find her own apartment in New York City (I once had to remind her which street she lived on). But nothing has spelled DNR quite like riding a bicycle. However, we were told that the thing to do in Vancouver was ride bikes around Stanley Park, a 10-kilometer (sorry, have no clue how to convert this into normal units of measurement) path that juts out into the water.

I am proud to report that she successfully completed the bike path with flying colors despite the terrible rain we had during our trip. Here is the photographic evidence:

We obviously capped off our trip to Canada by eating their greatest food – poutine!

Day 8: We returned to America – the world’s greatest country.

After a stop at the Seattle Outlet Mall (as a frequent outlet mall visitor, I would rate it as average at best), we visited the Boeing factory. This is the world’s largest building, which is cool. Not cool? You can’t take any pictures on the tour. In fact, you can’t even bring in any electronic devices (sorry people with pacemakers).

And of course, this is me frantically checking my cell phone as soon as the tour ended.

Day 9: We spent our last full day of the trip exploring some of Seattle’s neighborhoods. We really enjoyed the views from Kerry Park, which overlooks the entire city.

Then we had a magnificent final dinner at Palisade, a great restaurant that overlooks a marina and the entire city. Fun fact: Danielle ate an endangered fish for dinner that night!

Day 10: That’s it. The trip is over. I will leave you with this last image, which is apparently what I look like when I try to sleep on a plane.


3 Responses to “Our Trip to the Pacific Northwest”

  1. Haley | Girl About the World July 21, 2011 at 3:44 am #

    I can’t believe meeting for drinks with me did not make the highlight reel. Or that you didn’t know how to spell “raspberry.” But I’m still very glad you guys enjoyed your visit to the Northwest and that we got a chance to catch up!

  2. KGB July 29, 2011 at 9:41 am #

    i’m obsessed with every DBism in this blog post. OWYLs.

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