Here we go!

13 Jun

DB and I went on our first marathon day of venue visiting with our moms yesterday.  I made a very detailed schedule over a few days that consisted of venues that were geographically clumped together or took us on a logical path. We saw a total five places yesterday – all in the Garden State.

While it’s still too soon to tell where we will end up, there were definitely a few stand outs that would be a great fit for us. Plenty more to see next weekend. I completely forgot to take pictures.  So sorry!

I do have a bone to pick with event planners.  If someone calls or emails that they want more information, call them back! You should be happy someone is considering your space for such an important moment in their lives.  I left two messages for one place but never got a call back, so we just walked in yesterday and took a tour ourselves.  It was actually much nicer than it looks on their website!  Once we were there and met with someone, we could smell the desperation, so we will probably look elsewhere.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t exactly know what I’m looking for, but I do know what I don’t want…gazebos,ceremony areas that overlook dumpsters, ice sculptures and definitely not offensive decorations such as one place that decorates their sushi station with fans and paper umbrellas.  Feel free to add in your own don’ts!  xo dbtobe


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