City Views

31 May

While there are still many decisions to be made regarding our wedding, one idea I would like to entertain is a venue with a killer view.  Since DB and I live in the city (and know it doesn’t make a whole ton of financial sense to get married here), we have settled on the Garden State.  Luckily, NYC is only a river away.

We have started exploring some places where we could incorporate the skyline into our photos.

For a little inspiration, we illegally snuck onto our roof “deck” last night to check out Manhattanhenge, a special, bi-annual event where the sun aligns with city streets.  The Daily News informed us that we could get a great view on 34th Street, so we figured one block away would be almost as good.  Check out some photos below.

Up on the rooooof

View up Third Ave

Here comes the sun!

Almost gone

Gets me excited to start exploring a room with a view!  xo dbtobe


One Response to “City Views”

  1. KGB June 1, 2011 at 8:27 am #

    wow, that’s really pretty! xo

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